Nairn's Fine Oatcakes 218g - Pack of 2


Our oatcakes are packed with wholegrain oats, so are a wholesome, natural way to get some energy. They are high in soluble fibre and also contain nutrients to help transform the carbohydrates into usable energy. Naturally Nairn's At Nairn's we know our oats, we have been baking with them since 1896. We only use wholegrain oats grown in the nearby Scottish Borders, where the climate is perfect for slowly and naturally ripening the grains - our oats don't need insecticides. Our aim is to make tasty, wholesome food that is as simple and natural as possible. Nairn's Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits, Nairn's Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits, Nairn's Fruit & Spice Oat Biscuits and Nairn's Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits Bursting with natural indulgent flavours, and full of the goodness of wholegrain oats, our oat biscuits are a tasty and healthier way to enjoy a little treat. Low GI, Wheat free recipe, No added sugar, Wholegrain oats, No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, No hydrogenated fat, High fibre, Suitable for vegans, No GM ingredients

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