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What is a Christmas Pudding?

What is a Christmas Pudding?

Over the years, Christmas puddings have evolved from a fasting meal, to plum pudding, to what is eaten today.  Today, English Christmas puddings are made from dried fruits held together by egg and suet. They are often moistened with treacle and molasses and contain spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and...

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The 5 Things You Need for a British Christmas

The 5 Things You Need for a British Christmas

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions, but there are a few things we think you need to make your celebrations truly British.
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British Food Supplies is a family (and English) owned business based in Massachusetts. British Food Supplies began because of a feeling well known to many: homesickness. Through the thrills of travel and the incredible ups and downs of life, one thing remains constant. We all crave the peace that comes with being home.

British Food Supplies’ mission is to bring a taste of home to all who need it and to introduce Americans to the delights of true British living. We believe in a few core principles –

  • We believe that food is meant to be shared
  • We believe in elevenses
  • We believe that Britain is truly Great
  • We believe that 4:00 is tea time…and that tea time requires cake
  • We believe in family (and giving family members chocolate)


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